Design Your Own House

Designing a home is not just for professional designers and building contractors. Although you may need some consultation along the way, you can successfully design your own home.

Where to Start the Design Process

Designing your own house is a rewarding process that results in a completely customized living space that meets all your expectations. Don’t feel overwhelmed or think you’re under-qualified to design your own floor plans. Anyone can do it using creativity and the right preparation tools. If you’re intrigued at the thought of home design but don’t know where to start, just follow these simple steps.

Make Rough Sketches Over and Over Again

Making one or more rough sketches of your ideal home layout is an essential part of the planning process. Without this important step, you’ll probably scrap a lot of partial floor plans and end up frustrated. When creating your sketches, write down your basic home needs and wants, such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, total square feet, and kitchen size to help guide the sketch-creation process.

Create an Official Floor Plan

With the help of your sketches, you can create a customized floor plan that will complement your lifestyle. When creating your official floor plan, take measurements and write them down in detail. Your contractors will need an accurate plan in order to create your home to your exact specifications. During this stage in the process, you’ll want to consult with reputable professionals who know a lot about home details.

Custom Design Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in your home, so take time to design them carefully. In addition to the general layout already established in your floor plan, you’ll also need to determine exactly where light fixtures, cabinets, and appliances will go. You can use accurate design tools to design your kitchen online that are to scale and even provide 3d imaging to nail down all the little details.

Not It's Time to Get Started

Now that you know the main steps required to design your own house, it’s time to get started! To get a better idea of what you might want your own home to look like, consider walking through the homes of your friends and family members, with their permission, and jot down the things you like and want to incorporate into your own home. There are also plenty of home design ideas on the Internet to spark your interests.


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